We had an amazing time! Everybody enjoyed the Casablanca themed party! Thanks! Liz J.

Casablanca themed party

Casablanca themed party


Thank you Badia Design for these wonderful Lanterns from Flavor of India! Sam, owner of Flavor of India, Burbank CA.

Flavor of India, Burbank CA


I purchased this fantastic Moroccan Lantern from Badia Design for my Foot Massage Store in Chinatown, Los Angeles: Spaahbulous. It sets the mood and all of my customers love it! Teresa J. Los Angeles, CA. 2012


Thank you Badia Design for this amazing and comfortable sofa bed! Mohammed, Cerrito CA, Dec 2011


I love this place! We are remodeling our bathroom and I wanted to look at the mirrors at this store. I was amazed by the selection and I wondered from one large room to the next finding gorgeous lights, mirrors… The staff was very helpful. I was surprised by the review I had read by the woman who borrowed the lanterns. I bought two sconces on line a year before going to the shop. I decided to bring them with me to see if I could return them. I did not have a receipt but I had no problem returning them. I guess the difference was that I “paid” for them. I have never heard of anyone walking out of a shop without leaving a payment or credit card information.

I strongly recommend this shop for anyone who loves Middle Eastern design. Faith M. La Habra, CA. 12/26/2011
This place is huge and it fills with lot of beautiful furniture and home decor! I was told that this showroom is about 30,000 square feet. You won’t be disappointed if you are looking for some amazing pieces for your home. The sales are very friendly and helpful! I bought a hand-painted chest and some beautiful silk pillows. I definitely will recommend this place to all of my friends. Florence S. Burbank CA. 11/7/2011 ________________________________________________________________________________
I just went to this store yesterday and it is amazing!!! I felt like I was walking into an art gallery and would have been happy spending hours looking at all the beautiful lanterns, mirrors, furniture… I don’t know who the other reviewer was describing but the people I met at the store were very polite and helpful. We were given a lot of information about the objects and we returned an item that we had purchased over a year ago with no questions asked. The staff is great and for anyone who adores Middle Eastern designs this is the place to go. I am going back to wander through the many rooms packed with genuine designs from a unique culture. Faith M. La Habra, CA. 10/30/2011 ________________________________________________________________________________
Well, in contrast to the other “review” of Badia, we (my wife and I) had great experiences with Badia; friendly help, an overwhelming selection of objects, great prices, fast and reasonable shipping. A totally enjoyable experience. Indeed, we are now back in LA and going there today or tomorrow to pick up some more things. Wellk I can understand the frustration of the past review, I can say with 100% assurance that our total experience was pleasant, cordial, professional and rewarding. I do recommend Badia to anyone who wnats/needs/like Moroccan furniture or furnishings. Gene Meieran Phoenix, AZ. 9/26/2011
I came here looking for a lamp for my house. I heard about them from a friend whos mom is a designer. Mohamaed helped me to find exactly what I was looking for. They have a huge building full of moroccan goods. From lamps to carpets to cabinets and tiles. If you have ever wanted to redecorate your room moroccan themed, This is the place to get your supplies. Robby T. Promona CA. 2/7/2011 ________________________________________________________________________________
We were re-doing our house. After looking on line at Badia’s beautiful tile and fountains, and coming in, I found they did not have what I needed. But they were really helpful both in the showroom and at the warehouse with very competitive prices. I looked a lot of places. A few months later, I bought a wrought iron table from them. Good price. They delivered. The table is gorgeous in our yard. I recommended this place to my designer who agrees this is a great place. Andrea S. Los Angeles, CA. 10/12/2010
I was looking for some cool morrocan furniture for my apartment and could not find any stores till a friend of mine told me that that there was one in north hollywood which was really close i went there to check it out and i was amazed with variaty of morrocan decor available. it looked like i was walking in morocco. they had beautiful lamps with many shapes and sizes. what i really liked was the moroccan mosaic tiles and tables. i end up purchasing 2 lamps and a mosaic table. they had good service so i dont no what the chick above is talking about. i suggest calling before going there because it looks like a warehouse. godzilla z. Los Angeles, CA. 7/29/2009

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