Moroccan Tile Table Tops

Moroccan Tile Table Tops

Badia Design Inc. carries a wide variety of Moroccan Tile Table Tops which are handmade in Morocco then imported to our warehouse in Los Angeles, CA. Our Moroccan Tile Tables comes in many different sizes and shapes; round, rectangular, square and oval.

Different Uses for our Moroccan Tile Table Tops

OurĀ Moroccan Tile Tables can be used in many different locations in your home, office, hotel, swimming pool or deck.

Badia Design Inc. has some of the highest and top quality Moroccan Furniture in the US. If you are looking for Moroccan Home Improvement Ideas to beautify your living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom or patio

Please visit to see a full list of our Moroccan Mosaic Tile Table Tops.

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Moroccan Round Tile Table Top from Badia Design Inc. | Durable for all weather types and perfect for outdoor or indoor use in your kitchen or patio, swimming pool area