Moroccan Theme Party Rental Los Angeles

Moroccan Theme Party Rental Los Angeles

Badia Design Inc. has the largest supply of Moroccan Theme Party Rentals in Los Angeles. Planning an event with our Moroccan Party Decor has never been easier. We provide many different types of decor to make your event complete and memorable. We have Moroccan tents, rugs, seating such as poufs, ottomans wooden benches and chairs; lighting such as wall sconces, hanging ceiling lights, lanterns and chandeliers; magic lanterns, ceramic dishes, pottery, tea glasses, tea pots, pillows and cushions, mirrors, Moroccan Takchita clothing, Moroccan musical instruments and more.

To start planning your next party or special event, all you have to do is give us a call or stop by our 32,000 square foot warehouse located in North Hollywood, CA.

You can get the details from our website at:

We also cater to movie and television production industry. Our products have been showcased in many movies and television shows.

Moroccan Theme Party Rental Los Angeles
Types of Parties we Cater to: Corporate events, Bridal shower, Baby shower, Weddings, Wedding Anniversaries, Birthdays, Charity/Fundraising, Garden party, Sweet 16 Moroccan party, Mehndi party, Bollywood theme party, Bar and Bat Mitzvah.

Fill out our online form to get started: Moroccan Party Rental Questionnaire

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Badia Design Inc.
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Traditional Moroccan Living Room Decor

Traditional Moroccan Living Room Decor

Moroccan Interior Inspiration – lighting, Moroccan kilim rugs, cushions poufs, carved wood side tables, leather seat bench, Moroccan home decor.

To see more Moroccan Home Decor like this please visit us at:

Badia Design Inc.

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Moroccan Interior Inspiration – lighting, Moroccan kilim rugs, cushions poufs, carved wood side tables, leather seat bench, Moroccan home decor To see more Moroccan Home Décor like this please visit us at

Moroccan Rugs New York

Moroccan Rug Store New York

Badia Design Inc. has some of the highest quality Moroccan Rugs in the US. Our rugs are hand woven by our skilled artisans in Morocco.

Our rugs differ in color and design. Some are shaggier and thicker than others with bright vivid colors to traditional Moroccan golden colors. There are many designs, styles and sizes to choose from; making each one unique in its own way.

Types of Moroccan Rugs: Azilal, kilim, traditional, beni ourain, Berber, vintage or aged, shaggy texture, zigzag and crisscross patterns with knotted fringed ends. They are dyed primarily with vegetable material and will not run or smear when wet or cleaning.

If you’re looking to beautify your living space with our Moroccan Rugs Imported from Morocco then I highly recommend coming to Badia Design Inc. or visiting our website below. We ship to anywhere in the contiguous United States. If you’re looking for a certain design or color please let us know and we can find it for you.

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Moroccan Upscale Furniture New York

Moroccan Upscale Furniture New York

Badia Design Inc. has some of the highest quality Moroccan Furniture in the US. If you are looking to spruce up your home or office then is the place to visit.

Visit Badia Design’s website now at – – and get hundreds of dollars off with the following coupon code: CRD5OFF

Moroccan Furniture New York Sale
Use the below coupon code on the checkout page to get hundreds of dollars off our High End and Luxury Moroccan Furniture often purchased by celebrities.

Moroccan Upscale Furniture New York – to browse our online High End Moroccan Furniture section

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Note: Coupon cannot be combined with any other sales or discounts and is for online orders only.

Here’s a list of the types of upscale and high end furniture you will find at Badia Design Inc.: Mother of Pearl dressers, cabinets, tables, chairs, benches and trunks; bone inlay, metal and bone, hand painted and carved wood cabinets, dressers, tables, coffee tables, nightstands and more.

Please visit now and find the Moroccan Upscale Furniture you’ve been looking for.

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How to Find the Perfect Moroccan Decor for Your Home

Finding Moroccan Home Decor Online

When shopping for Moroccan decor such as rugs, extremely low priced items may indicate that the products aren’t authentic. Naturally, you should not buy such items, but you can nonetheless utilize those items as a piece of your Moroccan Home Decor if you don’t care about quality. Include bright colors whenever the aim is authentic Moroccan Home Decor.

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When possible, attempt to generate a canopy ceiling but if you believe that is too much, then just permit the fabrics to flow from one chandelier to another. Lighting is at least as crucial as any other part of the surroundings. Moroccan lighting is essential. Moroccan Home Lighting is a significant aspect if you’re using Moroccan home decor. These fixtures are not the same as those found in other common stores.

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The ceiling lamp is important as well but if you were able to locate some sconces then you should definitely use them. Lanterns are another great choice to use, you can find them at Badia Design Inc. and the website is

Moroccan design isn’t to be underestimated because there are very lovely designs. Moroccan décor has become popular worldwide on account of the number of its intricacy. It is definitely enough for portraying a fine design which should result in something appealing and useful for practically any purpose one may have in your home or office.

What the In-Crowd Won’t Tell You about Moroccan Home Decor

To find all the pieces you have to turn your house into a home, just come into Badia Design Inc. and pick some elegant items to place in your home or office. It is extremely easy since there are a lot of items that you could use to enhance your home in order to create a Moroccan Style Home. If you happen to see someone else’s Moroccan home, first thing you will see is the exceptional pattern of Moroccan Tiles they use around the home.

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If you are in need of any kind of Moroccan Home Décor, feel free to visit our website or stop by our 32,000 foot warehouse. Contact info is below:

Badia Design Inc.
5420 Vineland Ave.
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Tel: 818-762-0130



Moroccan Outdoor Decor

Moroccan Outdoor and Indoor Decor

Picture of an open house event with Moroccan Outdoor and Indoor Décor from Badia Design Inc.

Picture Provided by:
Laura Morton, APLD

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Moroccan Hand Painted Mini Tagines

Moroccan Hand Painted Mini Tagines

They can be used for salt and pepper shakers or containers. They’re great decorative pieces for special events such as a Moroccan Wedding, Arabian Nights Party or just about any other special occasion. You can find them at our Moroccan Import Store –

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