Moroccan Traditional Rugs Los Angeles

Moroccan Traditional Rugs Los Angeles

Badia Design Inc. has some of the highest quality Moroccan Rugs in the US. Our rugs are hand woven by our skilled artisans in Morocco.

Our rugs differ in color and design. Some are thicker and shaggier than others with bright vivid colors to traditional Moroccan golden colors. There are many styles, designs and sizes to choose from; making each one unique in its own way.

Types of Moroccan Rugs: Azilal, kilim, traditional, beni ourain, Berber, vintage or aged, shaggy texture, zigzag and crisscross patterns with knotted fringed ends. They are dyed primarily with vegetable material and will not run or smear when wet or cleaning.

If you are looking to beautify your living space with Authentic Moroccan Rugs then I highly recommend coming to Badia Design Inc.