Clay Pottery Imported from Turkey

Clay Pottery Imported from Turkey

Badia Design Inc. has large overstock of clay pots imported from Turkey. They can be used for planters, holding water, dirt, for outdoor décor and just about any indoor or outdoor project you may have.

Contact us if you are in need of clay pottery for your next project.
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Moroccan Home Decorating Ideas

Moroccan Home Decorating Ideas

A Moroccan theme is an attractive addition to almost any home decorating plan. With the beautiful colors, rich textures, and luxurious fabrics there is no doubt as to the purpose that this fashion of decorating is becoming so popular around the planet. These are some of the most stunning and in some ways the most exotic styles of decorating that you will find around the world.

The Moroccan Home Decorating Idea is quite lovely and consists of many vibrant colors and textures to keep not only your eyes occupied but also your other senses as well. The good news is that it is bold enough that it is still relatively new as far as decorating designs within the US goes. This implies that you aren’t likely to have the identical interior décor of your neighbor, friends, or cousin down the way. Even if they adore what you have done and want to mimic it throughout their own homes, chances are that they will not pick the precise designs, styles, colors, and textures that you have selected because there are so many amazing things from which to pick.

Mosaics are perhaps my favorite touch from this part of the world. They are wonderful and very versatile. They can be used for almost anything. I have observed stunning tables, trays, light fixtures, candle holders, wall sconces, and wall art that was produced from mosaic tiles. In fact, this design of art work (or whatever you might wish to call it) is increasing in popularity in the states exponentially in recent years. People are often trying to replicate the style or at the very least purchasing items that include the style.

Fabrics used in Moroccan design and home décor are among some of the most stunningly beautiful fabrics you will find in the world. In fact, many people decide on this sort of style for the fabric alone and even numerous who have successfully pass on a Moroccan theme for their homes have still managed to squirrel away some of the fabric in order to create magnificent pillows and curtains. The fabrics are definitely worth taking a look even if you aren’t really thinking about incorporating this design of design into your home decorating plans.

The Moroccan Home Furniture, when choosing this design of design for your home is very ornate and beautiful. Moroccan design is not to be under stated, as it is very lovely. Now for some, the furnishings are a little much but the other touches of Moroccan design are wonderfully inline with personal desires. If you are one who feels this way it is not an unusual feeling. While the work is gorgeous it can certainly be overwhelming. Nevertheless, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking the design aspects you like from the Moroccan style of home décor and not borrowing people you aren’t perfectly delighted with.

One point that very few individuals complain about however are the rugs. Persian rugs are by no means low priced but they are most definitely worth every cent. These are some of the most highly prized and sought after rugs around the world, not only for the richness of their colors but also for the intricateness of their style.

Be sure to think about the value that a Moroccan Decorating Style could certainly add to your entertainment of your home. While it isn’t for everyone as a whole, there could be bits and pieces that are positively best for anyone.

Country Living Magazine March 2013 Issue

Badia Design Furniture and Home Decoration will be featured on “Country Living Magazine” March 2013 Issue.

Authentic Moroccan Furniture and Home Decor Importer since 1990. 5420 Vineland Ave., N. Hollywood, CA 91610. Click here to view Badia Design Official Website

Authentic Moroccan Furniture and Home Decor

Authentic Moroccan furniture and home decor. Badia Design have been importers since 1990. Your invited to come see the largest selection of home furnishing from Morocco at: Badia Design, located at 5420 Vineland Ave., North Hollywood, CA 91610. Click here to view Badia Design Official Website

Authentic Moroccan Furniture and Home Decorations

Authentic Moroccan Furniture and Home Decorations by Badia Design Inc.

Moroccan Inspired Room by Design Vidal

These beautiful Moroccan inspired rooms are designed by 2658 Griffith Park Blvd., Suite 830, Los Angeles, CA 90039 – Photos: Courtesy of Design Vidal.

Furniture and Home Decoration are all purchased from Badia Design Inc. Contact us for price and availability, or check us out at:

Karen and Guy Vidal, the creative duo behind the Design Vidal Interior Design team, they have provided interior and exterior design services to over 100 residences in the Los Angeles area. Karen has a passion for restoring and remodeling homes with historic and classic architecture, which has enabled Karen to become the “designer of choice. The Design Vidal transformations have taken place in “Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Santa Monica, Venice, Glendale, Monrovia, Pasadena, Hancock Park and Bel Air, just to name a few.

Praised by their peers for their ability to work in virtually any style of home, the Design Vidal Team can add their design expertise to your home regardless of its architectural style. Known in historic neighborhoods as the “Design Green Team”, Karen and Guy take pride in restoring and recycling many formerly classified “tear-down homes”.

Hiring the best design team for your project should be largely based on their past accomplishments. Design Vidal has many, to include:

Design Vidal’s work has been featured numerous times on the HGTV shows: “National Open House”, “What’s With This House” and “Good Buy”, as well as the on the British series “Metropolis”.

Design Vidal project was featured in the Los Angeles Times Home Section, February 2008.

A re-designed residence (co-designed with Architect Ana Henton) that was included in the 2006 Silverlake Modernism Home Tour, including works by acclaimed architects Neutra and Schindler.

National and International acclaim for the total restoration of the Moroccan theme estate, “Elevado de Castillo”, (co-designed with Patricia Callicott).

Praise from famous architectural photographer Julius Shulman, describing a Design Vidal exterior renovation as “a stroke of genius”.

Karen holds a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University. Guy holds a Master of Business Administration from McGill University. They live in Silver Lake, California with their two children Ginger and Levi.

Colorful Moroccan Kasbah Courtyard

Badia Design furniture and home decorations were featured in this episode, enjoy!
DIY Channel: EXTRA YARDAGE – Episode 113 -Produced by Nick Perlmuter, Film Garden Entertainment. Air on July 1, 2011.


51 Most inspiring Moroccan style interiors

View Slide Show: 51 Most inspiring Moroccan style interiors

Article by : Lori Smith, San Diego Interior Decorating Examiner. October 18, 2011.

From the light fixtures to the tilework, Moroccan design is all about the finishing touches. Moroccan style home decorating invites rich colors of Middle Eastern interiors, dynamic contrasts, traditional patterns and uniqueness of Moroccan decorations and decor accessories. Vibrant colors of red and rich orange inspired by amazing African sunsets, green and blue found in the sea of the area, tones of gold, light brown, yellow and silver from the surrounding desert. Create a tropical atmosphere by bringing the outside into the interior through the use of exotic plants, terra cotta tiles and textured walls.

Small tiles and mosaic designs decorate many Moroccan home interiors. Also mosaic designs are used for decorating Moroccan mirrors, coffee table tops and bathroom sinks, creating traditional Moroccan interior design with cheerful and bright color contrasts. Traditional Moroccan interior design style brings crafty Moroccan lamps and skillfully carved wood elements for Moroccan furniture, doors, windows and mirror frames. The aroma of African cuisine and tea with spices stimulates all human senses, adds the final touch, evoking sensual Moroccan home decor.

Moroccan furniture and accessories encompass natural materials of wool, silk, glass, leather, clay and metal, such as Moroccan wool rugs, carved wood furniture and accessories, bright decorative cushions, made of cotton, wool or silk fabrics, Moroccan bedding and floor rugs, soft rich decorative curtains, unique Moroccan lamps made of ceramic, leather, glass or forged metal. Use elegant silk for decorating with curtains; bring in bright rich room paint colors and ethnic patterns, soft luxurious home decorating fabrics, floor rugs and pillows. The quickest way to Moroccan interior design is using bright and colorful wool rugs, kilims or thin large rugs with traditional geometric patterns. Few leather ottomans, or Moroccan poufs, and soft large cushions made of soft decorating fabrics add comfort to Moroccan interior design.

Be inspired, check out the slideshow to the left of 51 Moroccan interior designs that can be incorporated into your design scheme, let us know what you think. Enjoy!

Article source:
Lori Smith is a San Diego based Interior Designer who has received her B.F.A. in Interior Design from the Design Institute of San Diego and is a member of ASID. She also possesses a B.S. in Communications from Arizona State University. She has owned her own interior design business for the past two years in contemporary residential design with an emphasis on sustainable design, feng shui and budget-minded interiors. She is also an avid photographer, specializing in interior spaces and landscape photography which lends inspiration to her design schemes. You may contact her with questions at

Authentic Moroccan Imports – New Arrivals

Badia Design Inc. is THE Moroccan Moorish Importer providing Unique Traditional Furniture and Antiques! Our mission is to provide beauty, craftsmanship, elegance with our Moroccan products for your satisfaction!

Moroccan Furnitures

Moroccan Furnitures

Authentic Moroccan Imports

Badia Design, located in Los Angeles, has been importing traditional Moroccan products along with contemporary and classic Moroccan products since 1992. We are located in a spacious warehouse on 5420 Vineland Ave. in North Hollywood, providing top imported Moroccan designs which are handcrafted to attract the attention of customers locally and internationally. We provide sales and rentals of handcrafted Moroccan furniture to the local community with delivery provided and internet orders.

DIY: Moroccan Style Garden

Transform your backyard into a welcoming, warm Moroccan Style Garden. Moroccan furniture and decor on the show are provided by Badia Design Inc.

DIY Channel: EXTRA YARDAGE – Episode 113 -Produced by Nick Perlmuter, Film Garden Entertainment. Air on July 1, 2011.