Moroccan Hand Painted Mini Tagines

Moroccan Hand Painted Mini Tagines

They can be used for salt and pepper shakers or containers. They’re great decorative pieces for special events such as a Moroccan Wedding, Arabian Nights Party or just about any other special occasion. You can find them at our Moroccan Import Store –

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Celine Dion Arabian Themed Wedding

Celine Dion’s Arabian Themed Wedding. The Canadian superstar and her husband René Angelil have been married again. They repeated the ceremony (Wednesday 5. January, 2000) at Caesar’s Palace Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas. The event was produced by Destinations by Design and all of the furnishing were provided by Badia Design Inc.


Las Vegas – At five o’clock yesterday afternoon, January 5, 2000, five years after their Roman Catholic wedding in Montreal, Que., Céline Dion and René Angélil renewed their vows in a religious ceremony conducted by Monsignor Michel Saydé of the Melkite Byzantine Eastern Catholic rite. The ceremony, the ritual itself and the prayers recited by the celebrant and the couple served as a precedent in the history of the Byzantine rite.

Because of their profound devotion to family life and friendship, it was very important to Céline and René that they be surrounded by family and friends for this celebration. Some 235 guests were brought together at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, for this lavish event.

The decor, the music and hymns (both religious and secular), the reception and the banquet all reflected the Lebanese and Syrian origins of René Angélil. Prevalent in the decorations were the star and the crescent, central symbols of Middle Eastern culture; as well, various Arab cultures were represented with music, dance and costumes. Just as evocative of this culture were the camels and exotic birds.

The chapel where the religious ceremony was held had been redesigned to evoke the architecture and atmosphere of an Arab mosque. The ballroom of Caesars Palace was transformed into a beautiful Oriental garden. Six Berber tents were set up, each representing a scene from A Thousand and One Nights. The magic and the mystery of the Orient were re-created with dancers, jugglers, musicians and singers. Even camels and exotic birds…

Seated Oriental-style on brightly colored cushions, the guests were served a five-course meal prepared by Lebanese, Syrian and Moroccan chefs. The men were dressed in black; the women wore the colors of precious gems: emerald, sapphire, ruby and diamond. The groom was in white; the bride wore a golden gown by Givenchy. The entire event had the magic of a fairy tale, and, for this extraordinary couple, was the perfect beginning to their sabbatical.



Céline et René tiennent à souligner le travail remarquable des personnes
suivantes sans qui cet événement n’aurait pas eu lieu :

Céline and René would like to thank the following people who have worked
to make this event a wonderful memory for all who attended.

Caesars Palace : Arthur Goldberg, Anna DeMartino, Linda Crane, Paul
O’Neil, Danielle Strong, Deborah Munch, and all their co-workers. Chefs
Greg Waldron & John Hui and staff. Chefs invités/Guest Chefs : restaurant
Daou, Montréal.
Décor/Set Design : Johanne Dastous, designer
Réalisation/Production : Destinations by Design : Joyce Sherman, Jim
Nelson, Andrew Erskine, Tami Hance.
Coordination : Ian Donald, Suzanne Gingue, Shari Weber, Simon Watkins,
Yves Aucoin, Denis Savage, Michel Dion, Eric Burrows.
Rituel oecuménique/Ritual Ceremony : Mgr Sleiman Hajjar assisté de Boulos
Officiant/Priest : Mgr Michel Saydé.
Chanteuse/Singer : Vera Loutfi.
Musiciens/Musicians : Muchid Alkhalaf, Monir Sabet Nosseir, Youssef
Abdalla Magdy. Merci à Eddie Alepin.

Alexander McQueen de la maison Givenchy a créé la robe de Céline et le
costume de René.
Dress and suit for Céline and René were designed by Alexander McQueen
for Givenchy.
Styliste/Stylist : Annie L. Horth.
Coiffeur/Hair : Peter Savic
Maquilleur/Make-Up : Stéphane Marais

L’animation musicale est signée Claude Challe assisté de Hovanes Kakanian
& Fruly.
Claude Challe came from Paris to illuminate this night with his
choice of music.

Danseuse de baladi/Baladi dancer : Samia.
Logistique : Sylvie Beauregard.
Coordination Normand Leblanc, Jacqueline Deslauriers, Céline Fontaine,
Michel Lapointe, Pierre Trépanier, Karen Marquardt, Guillaume Kelly,
Josée Lacroix, Philippe St-Aubin, Fabienne Benita.
Presse : Francine Chaloult, Kim Jakwerth.

Cette soirée, hommage de Céline à René, a été conçue par Paul Sara,
Johanne Dastous et Mia Dumont.

This evening is a tribute to René from Céline and was made possible by
Paul Sara, Johanne Dastous and Mia Dumont.

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Sex and the City 2 Moroccan Themed Party

Parties with Moroccan theme are rising in popularity among modern-day hosts and hostesses. A fun afternoon with your favorite gals sitting on some colorful pillows outside, under a tent, and having yummy drinks– just like in the movie “Sex and the City 2″! You don’t have to travel to Morocco. We can bring the party to you! Moroccan furniture and decoration seen in the movie were provided by Badia Design Inc.!