Moroccan Hand Painted Mini Tagines

Moroccan Hand Painted Mini Tagines

They can be used for salt and pepper shakers or containers. They’re great decorative pieces for special events such as a Moroccan Wedding, Arabian Nights Party or just about any other special occasion. You can find them at our Moroccan Import Store –

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Arabian Nights Themed Party Rentals in Los Angeles

Arabian Nights Themed Party Rentals Los Angeles

Badia Design Inc. – 818-762-0130 | We have the largest supply of Arabian Nights Themed Party Rentals in Los Angeles which includes Arabian Tents, leather/fabric poufs and ottomans, rugs, pillows, brass and silver trays, Arabian Event Lighting, tea glasses, hookahs and much more. Contact Badia Design Inc. to assist you with planning your next Arabian Nights Themed Party or event. We provide services, delivery and setup to most of the Southern California area.

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