Moroccan Design Furniture

Moroccan Furniture Changes the Trends
Written by Adam Peters
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Moroccan settings have the ability to transform the look of any place that you inhabit which is the reason that it is in vogue among artistic people like painters and writers. They are extremely colorful and perhaps this is one reason why hippies also veer towards the Moroccan themes for decorative purposes. As they are very attractive to the eyes, people generally prefer these themes to impart a new look to the ambience of the home.

Colors like green, red and blue find a prominent place in Moroccan designs, primarily because these hues are generally seen in the coastal region of Morocco near the seas. Along with this the Moroccans seem to feel that their furniture should be reflective of their nature as well as history and so they draw inspiration from the desert by inculcating colors like yellow, silver and gold into their furniture. As we can see, the Moroccans preference for strong colors is very apparent and this lends a definite personality to their furniture. To add to this, they use a multitude of mosaic and fabrics to the furniture. You would usually not find a piece of their furniture that is devoid of any of these characteristics. On the other hand, a lot of times all these elements are combined in a single piece of furniture.

The intent behind Moroccan furniture is that it is supposed to be an extension of the natural outer world that we see around us. As a result, the furniture is never delicate and fragile but strong, heavy and durable reminding one and all of the vast trees that we see around us. In other words, they radiate an aura of the tropics. A lot of importance is given to the quality of material and Moroccans also like to experiment with various textures, leather being one of the clear favorites. All types of furniture- be it chairs, benches or couches are made with leather which enhances the look of the surroundings. Again, we find that Moroccan style furniture can look very ornate as they dabble with stunning patterns in mosaic, gold plated designs and also strange and beautiful plant designs.

It would not be wrong to state that patterns occupy a central place in Moroccan style furniture. Diamonds, squares and rectangles predominate as pattern choices and Moroccans with their innate artistic elegance take care to break any possible monotony with their furniture pieces by indulging in a mixture of patterns rather than sticking to just one pattern even in a single furniture set. This gives an amazing fluid effect to their furniture and it ends up looking like a wonderful work of art.

Another reason why this happens is that the patterns are printed on beautiful fabrics which highlight the overall look of the furniture. Silk is the material which is used almost ubiquitously in different types of Moroccan furniture as also on tapestries and lamps. The reason behind silk being so popular is that it tones down the bulky look of the furniture. Tapestries are also created with wool, leather and some other materials. Iron, wood and also slate is used to make lamps. A unique feature of Moroccan lamps is that they have the most amazing carvings that are a blend of simplicity and richness.

You can only decide whether you like the Moroccan decorating style or not after you try it out yourself. I simply love it and it transports me to an altogether different and beautiful realm. So, do go and buy some of this furniture and see how it affects you!

Adam Peters writes for A website with tips on interior design bulkheads and Mediterranean style.

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Article Source:


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