Moroccan Themed Party Rental

Badia Design, Inc.

We sell authentic Moroccan furniture, furnishings, and decor.

We also offer:  
Full service Moroccan event productions:
1) Moroccan, Indian or Arabian nights theme parties
2) Casablanca Night
3) Bollywood theme party
4) Moroccan props studio-movie rentals
5) Moroccan Party Supply rentals
6) Theme party decorations
7) Moroccan catering
8) Henna Artists
9) Belly Dancers
10) Party planner referrals

• High quality authentic Moroccan furniture, furnishings, and accessories – ottomans, rugs, lamps, lanterns, silk rich pillows, poufs, cushions, costumes, tea sets, serving pieces, seating, hookah lounges, magical rugs, silk flowers, Moroccan theme party supplies, clothing, fabric, linens…

• Authentic Bedouin and Arabian Moroccan tents and interior – Moroccan style draperies, Moroccan caidale tents, luxury Bedouin tents, Arabian-lined decorated marquees.

Corporate events, Bridal shower, Baby shower, Weddings, Wedding Anniversaries, Birthdays, Charity/Fundraising, Garden party, Sweet 16 Moroccan party, Mehndi party, Bollywood theme party, Bar mitzvah.



2 responses to “Moroccan Themed Party Rental

  1. Amazing. I found this site on yahoo looking
    for something totally unrelated- now I’m gonna need to go through all the old posts 🙂 So long free time today, but this was a amazing find 🙂

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